Balance, Balance, Balance!
    Our breeding program is set up to provide a profit to commercial producers through our bulls
    genetics. Our goal is to provide bulls that sire the kind of replacement females that excel in our
    environment. We strive to provide a balance of calving ease, fertility, maternal traits and
    carcass traits. We have an extensive artificial insemination(AI) program, "herd sire quality"
    clean up bulls and an aggressive culling regime.
Perry Ranch
The Program
    Our cow management program is where it all starts. We
    believe the Brangus cow is the best suited cow for our
    environment. With that said, selection pressures still have to
    be in place to insure that we don't go backwards with our
    genetics. We do our best to run our registered cows as we
    and our customers run commercial cows. We don't believe in
    creep feeders because our commercial customers don't use
    them. It also allows us to evaluate the true calf raising
    ability of our cows. By design, we continually reduce the
    amount of winter feed and hay that we provide our cows. This
    allows us to identify and cull the cows with the largest intake
    requirements and the lowest fertility (these are often related).
    Open cows go to town. Bad uddered cows go to town. Bad
    footed cows go to town. Bad tempered cows go to town... you
    get the idea.
    Our bull development program is designed to allow superior bulls to come to the top of their contemporary group in a
    way that maintains the soundness of the bulls for long term service. We hand feed the bulls through a 110 day bull test,
    keeping the bulls on a custom by-product ration. Hand feeding reduces temperament problems and allows us to check
    overall health more consistently. The bulls are handled on foot, on four-wheelers, horseback and with the feed pickup. We
    try to expose the bulls to anything that they might see in the future. The bulls are kept in large traps throughout the test to
    insure proper exercise and access to grass during the growing seasons. The bulls are in turn out condition at sale time. If
    you take care of them, they will take care of you.

     In the spring of 2010, PR Double Time 55/9 became only the second
    bull in Oklahoma to become a "Summit Sire". Summit Sires are
    recognized by the Brangus breed for their ability to sire exceptional
    females. At the time, there were only 30 Summit Sires in the entire
    Brangus breed. To become a Summit Sire a bull must sire at least 5
    Summit Cows, to become a Summit Cow, a cow must have at least 3
    calves that ratio 105% or better for weaning weight and the cow must raise
    those calve while maintaining a calving interval of 380 days or less.