Number Two!
    PR Elixir 698L3 earned the title of "Summit Sire" this spring. Elixir is the second Summit Sire to
    come out of our herd. PR Double Time 55/9 was the first bull in Oklahoma to earn this title. We
    believe this proves our dedication to a quality breeding program. This title goes to only the very
    best bulls. A bull must sire at least 5 daughters that qualify to be 'Summit Cows' in order to become
    a Summit Sire. As of this spring IBBA has only recognized 56 Summit Sires. We have raised TWO!
    We pray that 2016 brings you full ponds, tall grasses and fat cattle!
    Frank Perry
What's goin' on at the ranch:    8/3/16
Perry Ranch News
CRC North Star 9U8W3
We purchased North Star from
Cavender Ranches last spring and
immediately turned him out on
heifers. This mature herd sire will
increase our calving ease, as he
now ranks 7th in the breed for
proven sires at calving ease. We
believe he will help with
disposition, structural correctness
and muscle shape. Our first calves
are here and we are excited about
the direction he can add to our
heifer program.
-----PR Thunderstruck
Well his first daughters have calved
and they are beautiful uddered, easy
fleshing and moderate framed.
daughters are going to be an intergral
part of our breeding program from here
He is a B3R Tender Ten R065
son out of a Waylon daughter that
traces back to the great matriarch, WB
Ms Tonto 820C6.
We believe this
bull will give us the
opportunity to add fresh genetics into
the Brangus breed
to enable our
customers to
more consistently hit
their marketing goals.